How to cook a spanish Quesada

The cook

Name: Nieves                       
Age: 58 years
Lives in: Santa María Ribarredonda
Do you like cooking?: Yes
Favourite dish: Paella
Meat or Fish: Fish
Coffee or tea:  Coffee

The recipe: Quesada

Approximate Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Ingredients for 10 people

- 100 g of butter
- 120 g of flour
- 200 g of sugar
- 600 ml of milk
- 3 eggs

Preparation method

1-  Melt the butter.
2-  Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.
3-  Pour the mix in a mold.*First spread the mold with butter. I use a 20cm x 30cm bowl to obtain a thin Quesada.
4-  Bake for 70 minutes (depends on the oven).

Enjoy with a cup of milk, coffee or tea!

I hope you like the recipe. It’s very easy and it’s delicious If you have any suggestion, doubt or you want to contribute to my blog you can send me a recipe and I will publish it. Furthermore if you are interested in any of the previous recipes, tell me and I will translate it. I'm  waiting  for your comments. Thank you and Bon appetite!


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