How to cook Oreo rice

Hello my dear cooks! Last Friday night I was catching up on facebook and I saw this video . They showed you how to make oreo rice. It looked easy so yesterday I decided to try it. I am not going to lie to you, the truth is that is not bad but is not that tasty. Is up to you, but personally I prefer eating them in the normal way.  Anyway if you decide to take the risk here is how I cooked the Oreo rice. You can leave me your suggestions and opinion in the coments. And sorry for my English mistakes! 


-400ml milk
-50gr rice
-16 oreo cookies
-1 tablespoon sugar ( optional, I like sweet) 


Boil the milk together with the rice about 15 min. Stir from time to time to avoid the milk sticks to the pan or low the temperature. ( in the video the rice is already cooked but personally I prefer cooking it with the rice so that the rice can take the taste of the milk).

Add the sugar ( optional).

Add the oreo and cook it for 4 minutes more. 

Mix everything with the help of a spoon or a fork. 

Let it cold down and... 




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